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Devotec Micro Fuel Charger, The Smallest Mobile Phone Charger

mobil chargePerhaps among the most of you have not been too familiar with Devotec Industries. Indeed, Devotec Industry is a new player in the electronic technology industry. This company is a manufacturer of electronic devices that concentrate on creating electronic accessories that have superior quality, and has a unique design that remains as a weapon to attract consumers.

The company makes two chargers; one is Solar Charger, an electronic device that is claimed to capture sunlight and made him the energy to charge your favorite electronic device when the battery is low. Devices draw this one unfortunately is still in the development stage. If the device has been released, certainly not too little demand. Another Charger result of the development of the new company is Fuel Micro Charger. This device has a tremendous advantage in terms of design.

This charger is claimed to be able to use the resources the phone for 30 minutes of talk time, and standby time or a few hours. Of course, you open the application which will also affect the duration of its durability.

This charger has a unique shape that resembles a fuel jerry can, jerry can cap off this minor can be opened and shows a Micro USB connector that can be connected to other devices. Your favorite phone will be fully charged with this connector.

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