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NFC Task Launcher Android-Near Field Communication Makes the Smartphone More Smart

NFCMobile phone can be said as a smart phone because of the sophistication of course the phone is held in pampering its users. Phones that can be said to be a smart phone may be one of them that have an automated feature that we use without manually.

Imagine when we are using Wi-Fi, the Wi-Fi system Flash automatically and off automatically as well when it is not in use. When we want to use the silent mode on your phone, the system can be changed in automatically silent as did when we want to use the ring mode of the phone.

In general, the phone can change its settings automatically without us who have to do all day just to change the setting mode phones that we use.

* About the NFC Task Launcher *
this application can connect two applications that can work continuously. One of the devices in this application is well able to recognize other applications to recognize. If we want to use NFC Task Launcher app, then we have to set the phone to the default state.

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