Small Business POS System: Common Uses

ncr6When you are running a small business, it is all about having great employees and plenty of stock so that your shelves, or kitchen, are never bare. You need to have the items that your customers expect you to have and you need to have these available at all times. When you can easily keep an eye on your employees and train them properly, and keep and eye on your sales and inventory, you will find that your business runs a lot better. This is where a small business POS system comes in and you can learn more about this type of system over at

Use This System as an Employee Time Clock

You need to be able to keep an eye on when employees clock in and when they clock out. This is really done just like it is on a traditional POS system so you will have all of the details that you need. You can run reports to see how many hours are worked each day and for a specified amount of time per employee and for employees as a whole. This ensures that your payroll records are accurate and something that you can use for proper scheduling and budgeting. You can pull these records up both in the office and at home so you will always be ahead of the game when it comes to proper scheduling.

Employee Training is Streamlined With This System

When you are using a small business POS system, you will find that employee training is both faster and easier. You will be able to train new employees in a matter of days as opposed to a matter of a couple of weeks. This gets new employees independently on the floor a lot faster to improve both customer service and your sales and profits. When you are training employees, you are paying them, but they are not really working toward making sales because they are busy learning the software and the business. With a small business POS system, they can learn the basics in a few days and then pick up the rest of what they need to know as they go along.

Keep Track of Sales and Inventory Easier With an iPad POS System

Knowing the details about your sales and inventory is critical when you are running a business. If you do not know your numbers, you will find that you run out of things or that you do not have enough employees to adequately cover busy times. Both of these can be highly detrimental to your business and lead to problems with customer service which will ultimately impact your profits.

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Asus PCE-AC66

asusNetwork devices that support the standard was not too much , though slowly began many network manufacturers to launch products that are ready with these standards . 802.11ac standard is capable of producing much higher throughput compared 802.11n commonly used today .

Well , if you are now using network devices such as wireless routers supporting 802.11ac standard connection , of course you should use the wireless adapter is also ready to support the connection. There is now available a few devices that support wireless adapter 802.11ac standard , such as the Asus PCE – AC66 .

In contrast to other 802.11ac wireless adapter , Asus PCE – AC66 comes with using a PCI – Express x1 interface . The use of PCI – Express interface seems to be aiming to maximize the bandwidth supported when compared to the USB interface . Asus PCE – AC66 is capable of producing a maximum throughput up to 1750 Mbps . The total throughput divided into 450 Mbps to 2.4 GHz , and up to 1300 Mbps if you utilize the 5 GHz bands .

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LG Pocket Photo PD-221

LGSeeing the physical form , you certainly do not think that this product is a photo printer . With a similar shape tends to external storage media , this photo printer and the technology brings unique capabilities . As the name implies , this mini-sized printer is only intended for printing photos .

LG Pocket Photo devoted to print photos from a smartphone or a tablet computer based on Android . This printer immerse lithium polymer battery that can be charged and able to use up to fifteen times the printing process . Connection options are provided USB cable , Bluetooth , and NFC . However , to do this , it takes LG Pocket Photo application that must be downloaded via Google Play .

Using special paper ZINK ( Zero Ink ) , this device does not require ink like a regular printer . You just use a paper package consisting of 1 and 10 smart paper inkless paper . Smart blue paper serves as a printer head cleaning and to improve color photos. Read the rest of this entry »

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Casio Exilim EX-TR15

casioThis product is equipped with a fold-swivel design for easy photo taking you more comfortable. Apparently the habit of taking his own camera owners get special attention from manufacturers Casio. Demi is embracing consumer behavior, Casio in the second half to try to bring generations Exilim different than previous products.

The product concept is taken from its first digital camera models that appeared in 1995, Casio QV-10. Casio’s first camera product has a lens that can be rotated to facilitate shooting at difficult angles. The results appear Exilim EXTR10/15 with radical designs.

Deliberately raised the two models at once, TR10 and TR15, both have similarities. What distinguishes them is the existence of wireless network wireless facilities in TR15 series. Wi-Fi functions here of course for the smooth transfer of photos / videos wirelessly to a Smartphone or tablet computer users to share multimedia files. This is one excellent feature Casio to accommodate widespread access to social media.

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Drobo 5N

droboNetwork attached storage (NAS) 5N Drobo Drobo output is a product that is intended for personal use or medium sized businesses. Drobo 5N was performed with a large enough size. The interface is also quite elegant with black bandage on all parts. This is compounded by the row of lights on the front that makes it look attractive. The NAS has a space that can accommodate up to five 3.5-inch hard disk.

To access its hard disk space, you just need to open the front of the Drobo 5N (which does not have a key, just stick around via magnets). To install the hard disk, you just put it into the space provided and press the key on the left side to take it off again.

There is a row of lights near the hard disk space and at the bottom. The lights on the front of the hard disk is used to indicate status and activity of your hard disk, while the lights at the bottom mark the capacity of hard disk space is left.

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Canon Image Class MF4890dw

canonMF4890dw imageClass series confirms two additional features are duplex (d) and wireless (w). Duplex function will speed up and save on the amount of paper because it can optimize a piece of paper on both sides (back and forth). This function does not only apply when used for printing but also for scan, copy, and fax. Duplex not only able to function in the paper is placed on the tray, but also on paper placed on the ADF. ADF itself can accommodate up to fifty sheets of paper so as to produce a more efficient document printing and fast.

While the wireless feature could be an option for those who feel a connection cable can be distracting. Two of these connections can be set via the menu on the control panel LCD screen with monochrome text. All settings can be done automatically or manually.

Speed print, copy, and scan the product is also an advantage to be reckoned with. Based on the tests performed, our third successful test that function with time somewhat rushed. Read the rest of this entry »

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