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Applications of Rugged Panel PC

A rugged panel PC is one that is structured to serve manifold uses in different industries. Each of its unit is designed for utmost hygiene as well as intense working environments. It has internal and terminal designs which are both fit for usage in extreme environmental conditions. With other PC’s, it is easy to lose data when the PC is being used in harsh conditions. This is not the case with the rugged panel PC that is equipped with cutting edge features.

The touch panel features expandable alternatives via PC slots making it readily accessible. Every unit has undergone critical testing and retesting procedures to guarantee a user of ceiling yields and durability in extreme work conditions. The touch screen panels are designed in a manner that allows a user easy readability. What’s more, the rugged panel PC offers exceptional functionality when used with heavy industry grade gloves.

The incredible touch screen panel is way ahead of the curve in computer technology. The rugged computer has aptitude to provide high-speed performance in intense environmental conditions such as extreme heat, cold, water, vibration, dust, high-pressure water just to mention a few. In fact, its software is much faster than Windows 7. Its feature of a smooth exterior that is made without hinging amid the touch display and housing makes it perfect for the food production industry since this provides maximum hygiene levels. This panel PC is quite easy to clean too. Read the rest of this entry »

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There’s One Key to Boost Your Business, and JD Edwards Upgrade is the Answer

syntaxlogo2013The key to win the market as wide as possible is not only making some innovative product to sell, but also how to treat the customers right, and the last thing is very difficult to do. Treating the consumer is not only the task of promotion and marketing division, but it is the integrated task for the whole office, and JD Edwards application from oracle seems able to help the company providing the best service ever.

Just for your information, JD Edwards is a software application for enterprise resource planning.  It is produced by reputable worldwide computer program maker, IBM to fulfill the need of customer care of a company.  One thing that makes this software application is very “hot” to try is it can provide the complete whole customer service from the pre-production and post production, but the problem is sometimes the technology that the company has is very old-fashioned. The problem becomes worst when the staffs that you address seems clueless with their control to this software. It is not enough if we are talking about how to “catch’ the globalization because it has to be updated, and is one thing which is ready to help you for that. It is ready to give you a clue about the newest JD Edwards upgrade and suit it on your employer’s ability, so every part has its own “man”. Read the rest of this entry »

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SIP the Best Solution for IT and Network Performance

Picture1There are many ways that you can do to solve your IT problems, for example by using SIP service. In this service, you will be able to get solution if you have problems with your IP network. Sometimes, it is so frustrating if you connection problem but you do not know what you have to do. In addition, you actually need it to do your business. This trouble will make your business become worse and you will be defeated by your competitor. For that reason, finding the best solution must be done sooner. The expert in this service will assure you that you can get solution for IP problems you meet.


There is video available that you can access too. The video will give you information about how the service in here works. In order to simplify the activity of your business, you need to control your protocol in your connection; as a result, you will be prevented from problems in the future. Indeed, there are many problems that you have to face as an online businessman; however, it is futile for you to deal with IP or connection problem. It will waste a lot of your time if you deal it with yourself. It is time for you to use the best service available.

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Rage Maker, Comic Creator Application Simple and Easy to Use

rage makerComic or story conveyed through images incorporating text was originally only to be found in a book or inserted in the newspapers and magazines. Comics super hero carrying the story up to the mighty men funnies.

But now the comic is not only presented in the form of print media, online media also increasingly featuring comics. Now comics are no longer only contain mere adventure story, but the story that brought more varied. Comics have been used as a medium to convey a particular message, satire, short jokes, promote services or products, to disseminate the program to the institution as a medium for learning for children.

The problem is to make the comic a person must have the ability to draw. So what if you do not have that ability? No need to worry if you not had drawing skills but want to make comics. Because along with the trend of increasing use of comics to communicate, then start popping the comic variety of applications.

One is the application called Rage comic maker. Rage Maker is a comic maker application that can be used easily. Read the rest of this entry »

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Lexibook Serenity Ultra, 7 Inch Android Tablet for the Parents

lexibookOne of the French electronics company, Lexibook, the new â recently launched a 7 inch android tablet latest, Serenity Ultra Lexibook Tablet. Initially the company was making some products such as netbooks, tablets, and other gadgets that are designed for children. However, because there is still a gap in the market, this French company eventually created a new device in this case a tablet PC designed for older people.

7 inch android tablet is supported by the operating system Android 4.1 Jelly Bean. Interface in tablets has been modified with a simple look and size of the icons. It is intended that this tablet more accessible or used by older users. Released at a price of 300 Euros in Europe, the tablet is equipped with a dualcore 1GHz processor. Specifications are enough to sail a 7-inch tablet with 1024 x 768 pixels. Then, how is the performance and features of this 7 inch android tablet? * Dimensions and Design * 7 inch android tablet has a simple design. The phone has dimensions of 21 cm x 16.4 cm x 1.1 cm which is similar to the Ipad and weighs about 500 grams.

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Obake, Elastic Touch Screen For the Future

touch screenAlmost all of today’s mobile devices bring a touch screen (touch screen) on a flat surface. But, now for the first time present on-screen touch screen which is a project elastic Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Media Lab. The goal is to produce different sensations on the touch screen mobile devices.Touch screen project called Obake was created by two MIT Media Lab researchers that Dhairya Dand and Rob Hemsley. This screen lets you pull the elastic surface.

When you pull the screen, the camera on the screen depth gauges will measure your movements and linear actuator informed of any given touch. Obake screen 2.5D technology that brings 3D screen surface so you can pull it, but the service is still using the 2D interface. Dand start the reasons why the display cannot be separated from the realm of 2D because there are many people who use a combination of mouse and GUI standards. This led them to develop 2.5D elastic surface, because the eyes of users already familiar with the resulting movement.

Dand imagine this application can also be applied in some other applications on the new technology. Currently, Obake can recognize the hand of small gestures such as pinch and poke to push both fields simultaneously elastic surface. However Obake is still in the development stage of completion. So that, in the near future this elastic touch screen cannot be applied in Smartphone. But Dand ensure that in the future, Obake can be applied across multiple devices for mapping or a particular game.

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