Obake, Elastic Touch Screen For the Future

touch screenAlmost all of today’s mobile devices bring a touch screen (touch screen) on a flat surface. But, now for the first time present on-screen touch screen which is a project elastic Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Media Lab. The goal is to produce different sensations on the touch screen mobile devices.Touch screen project called Obake was created by two MIT Media Lab researchers that Dhairya Dand and Rob Hemsley. This screen lets you pull the elastic surface.

When you pull the screen, the camera on the screen depth gauges will measure your movements and linear actuator informed of any given touch. Obake screen 2.5D technology that brings 3D screen surface so you can pull it, but the service is still using the 2D interface. Dand start the reasons why the display cannot be separated from the realm of 2D because there are many people who use a combination of mouse and GUI standards. This led them to develop 2.5D elastic surface, because the eyes of users already familiar with the resulting movement.

Dand imagine this application can also be applied in some other applications on the new technology. Currently, Obake can recognize the hand of small gestures such as pinch and poke to push both fields simultaneously elastic surface. However Obake is still in the development stage of completion. So that, in the near future this elastic touch screen cannot be applied in Smartphone. But Dand ensure that in the future, Obake can be applied across multiple devices for mapping or a particular game.

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