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downloaderThe average Internet user probably will handle almost anything they download online via a web browser. Some browsers do well, such as the download manager of the Opera is the best. Firefox, although a browser is the most widely used, but very weak in this regard. The best way to handle your downloads is to use a third-party download manager application. One of them is application ochDownloader.

ochDownloader works for Windows and Linux. Much software is additional software that is not needed at all, but not so with ochDownloader. You will not find any additional software and annoying ads on this application. ochDownloader also offer a portable version for And, so it will be easier to use.

Download manager application interface is very clean and a little plain, as it should be. No excessive visual effects, the buttons on the toolbar. This application is very simple and easy when you start the download, stop, configure your account, check the settings and look for help.

It should be understood that only the anonymous account that can work with this service. If you have multiple premium subscriptions across multiple sites, then your premium features will not work. But this is a feature that is being developed to support the ochDownloader. Moreover, ochDownloader also supports direct downloading of HTTP. If you have a direct link, ochDownloader will immediately download the file.

You can see that ochDownloader not only a solution to download a / all-in-one /, but this application is also completely customizable to work with a particular site, and you can choose the desired video quality on YouTube. There are many quality YouTube videos to choose from via the application that may not be listed on the website YouTube.

At the bottom of the application interface, you can configure a maximum of 20 slots downloads, you can also change the speed limit downloads. This feature, especially the last one is really important in a download manager. Another feature is the support to be able to mass-import link, this feature will allow you to add several links at once.

Imagine if you add a large number of links one by one would be very inconvenient, which has been successfully downloaded file will then be stored in the History tab. If you are dealing with a large number of downloads, the search field at the top of the tab can be very useful. You can directly execute the file from this tab or right click on the file and direct it to the destination folder.

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