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The Agile Method in Software Development Processes

The world of Information Technology recognizes several differences between the waterfall and the agile methods of application development. Waterfall development processes which have been used for ages by IT companies tend to have distinct phases: start, analyze, plan, design, develop or build, test, and then close. For this reason, the waterfall method is often called the “phased” approach. Not too long ago, the new method, agile, has been properly recognized as a better technique in software development. And since then, agile training courses have been sprouting like mushrooms to cater to the growing interest of the public.

The agile or iterative method that individuals can learn from agile training sessions involves a sequence of phases that repeats itself over and over again throughout the course of the project development. Of course, initial planning just like in waterfall methods should still be done. But in agile projects, the entire team will have to cycle through the phases of requirements, analysis, design, implementation, testing, evaluation and then back to the planning phase. The phases will be repeated several times until the team finally achieves the desired solution, at which point the development process will move on to production and deployment. In agile processes, great emphasis is placed on individuals on the project team. Each team member is encouraged to share their ideas and play their part in the brainstorming sessions.

Agile methods also emphasizes on collaborating with business owners or clients to produce a working deliverable and in order to respond quickly to necessary changes to requirements, system functions, application features and goals.

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Obake, Elastic Touch Screen For the Future

touch screenAlmost all of today’s mobile devices bring a touch screen (touch screen) on a flat surface. But, now for the first time present on-screen touch screen which is a project elastic Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Media Lab. The goal is to produce different sensations on the touch screen mobile devices.Touch screen project called Obake was created by two MIT Media Lab researchers that Dhairya Dand and Rob Hemsley. This screen lets you pull the elastic surface.

When you pull the screen, the camera on the screen depth gauges will measure your movements and linear actuator informed of any given touch. Obake screen 2.5D technology that brings 3D screen surface so you can pull it, but the service is still using the 2D interface. Dand start the reasons why the display cannot be separated from the realm of 2D because there are many people who use a combination of mouse and GUI standards. This led them to develop 2.5D elastic surface, because the eyes of users already familiar with the resulting movement.

Dand imagine this application can also be applied in some other applications on the new technology. Currently, Obake can recognize the hand of small gestures such as pinch and poke to push both fields simultaneously elastic surface. However Obake is still in the development stage of completion. So that, in the near future this elastic touch screen cannot be applied in Smartphone. But Dand ensure that in the future, Obake can be applied across multiple devices for mapping or a particular game.

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Devotec Micro Fuel Charger, The Smallest Mobile Phone Charger

mobil chargePerhaps among the most of you have not been too familiar with Devotec Industries. Indeed, Devotec Industry is a new player in the electronic technology industry. This company is a manufacturer of electronic devices that concentrate on creating electronic accessories that have superior quality, and has a unique design that remains as a weapon to attract consumers.

The company makes two chargers; one is Solar Charger, an electronic device that is claimed to capture sunlight and made him the energy to charge your favorite electronic device when the battery is low. Devices draw this one unfortunately is still in the development stage. If the device has been released, certainly not too little demand. Another Charger result of the development of the new company is Fuel Micro Charger. This device has a tremendous advantage in terms of design.

This charger is claimed to be able to use the resources the phone for 30 minutes of talk time, and standby time or a few hours. Of course, you open the application which will also affect the duration of its durability.

This charger has a unique shape that resembles a fuel jerry can, jerry can cap off this minor can be opened and shows a Micro USB connector that can be connected to other devices. Your favorite phone will be fully charged with this connector.

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Download File with Application Download Manager och Downloader

downloaderThe average Internet user probably will handle almost anything they download online via a web browser. Some browsers do well, such as the download manager of the Opera is the best. Firefox, although a browser is the most widely used, but very weak in this regard. The best way to handle your downloads is to use a third-party download manager application. One of them is application ochDownloader.

ochDownloader works for Windows and Linux. Much software is additional software that is not needed at all, but not so with ochDownloader. You will not find any additional software and annoying ads on this application. ochDownloader also offer a portable version for And, so it will be easier to use.

Download manager application interface is very clean and a little plain, as it should be. No excessive visual effects, the buttons on the toolbar. This application is very simple and easy when you start the download, stop, configure your account, check the settings and look for help.

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