Three Windows Application Guide for Adding System Data and Indicators to System Tray

windowsThe system tray is a pretty important thing in Windows; the system will display the icons of running applications. There are other alternatives such as a free Windows application that will help you send the application to the system tray.

In modern versions of Windows, that is two tray icons are hidden and the icons displayed. This allows applications that are rarely used to remain hidden and prevent a cluttered look in your taskbar.

One method is to use the system tray icon is to show the data that always want to see. This article will discuss three free Windows application that can help you to closely monitor your system in an easy way.

* TrayStatus *
TrayStatus is an application that adds several new indicators to the system tray that will help you track the use of keystroke. This application is available for all versions of Windows, although it depends on. NET Framework. After installing the application, you will see a new icon in the system tray. Right click and select Status Tray Settings, in the open window you can see the features of this application.

TrayStatus could put an indicator on your taskbar that shows the events following keyboard keys:
– Caps Lock
– Number Lock
– Scroll Lock
– Alt
– Ctrl
– Shift
– Windows

The application also offers the option to indicate hard drive activity. TrayStatus is a simple application, and it works quite well.

* DriveGLEAM *
DriveGLEAM are similar application such as TrayStatus the first there and the application is available for the installation of hardware or portable. Application site does not mention compatibility with the Windows version, but it works fine on Windows 8 Pro 64-bit.

This application can be configured more than TrayStatus and offers indicators of activity-based system instead of a keyboard activity indicator. This free Windows application also offers a hard drive activity indicator. With DriveGLEAM, you can monitor disk activity both internal and external drives, CPU usage, RAM, VRAM, and NICs.

* SysTrayMeter *
SysTrayMeter is a simplified version of DriveGLEAM. The task of these applications is to put your RAM and CPU usage in an icon on the system tray. In the display of the icon, you can see that the numbers on the top side is the amount of your CPU usage in percentage, and the number at the bottom is your RAM usage in megabytes.

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