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NFC Task Launcher Android-Near Field Communication Makes the Smartphone More Smart

NFCMobile phone can be said as a smart phone because of the sophistication of course the phone is held in pampering its users. Phones that can be said to be a smart phone may be one of them that have an automated feature that we use without manually.

Imagine when we are using Wi-Fi, the Wi-Fi system Flash automatically and off automatically as well when it is not in use. When we want to use the silent mode on your phone, the system can be changed in automatically silent as did when we want to use the ring mode of the phone.

In general, the phone can change its settings automatically without us who have to do all day just to change the setting mode phones that we use.

* About the NFC Task Launcher *
this application can connect two applications that can work continuously. One of the devices in this application is well able to recognize other applications to recognize. If we want to use NFC Task Launcher app, then we have to set the phone to the default state.

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Pool Shortcuts that Simplify Access to Windows System

windows systThis Applications for Windows version works on Windows 2000 and above. The program also runs fine on Windows 8 Pro. This application comes as the installation of hardware or archived in a format that you can extract it to a folder and run it as a portable application. This application comes from shareware called Windows Launch Center, and is still presented in the form of an archive. Make sure you are running the correct application.

Many of the program’s icons which are the icon you see in Windows, but aesthetics are not significant when present in the program. Tab line displayed on the left side, which includes the most frequently executed.

If you have never used the application before, it is likely that this will make some of the items that are already on your desktop, in alphabetical order. Shortcuts Pool needs a little time to gather the data and determined popular applications for you.

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Collusion – Mozilla Firefox Add-On to See Who is Tracking You

firefoxCollusion is a Mozilla Firefox add-on that records free every time you tracked online, so you can see who’s tracking you and find out why. Mozilla Foundation said the extension is intended to help users of online tracking. With Mozilla Firefox add-on, you can visualize who you are on the track of a site.

* Track the Tracker *
Install collusion and will soon track the trackers you. After installing the add-on Mozilla Firefox, you will see a new icon on the bottom of your browser.

If you do not see the icon, you have to activate the add-on bar, by right-clicking on an empty space between the bar and the URL address; you will see the options you have to do. You can click the icon to open the chart whenever collusion, which would look like a spider web.

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