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Lite Browser, a Lightweight Browser For Desktop and Notebook Users

linuxsLightweight browser size may be an alternative for those who need a third browser (after Internet Explorer is automatically installed and the browser you use) with sizes much lighter, and its performance was fairly mild.

* Avant Browser 2013 *
Avant Browser is free software made by Avant Force to meet your expectations for a lightweight browser. There are many exciting features that you can use this browser that is the availability of RSS / ATOM Reader for you who love to read articles without having to search again.

* Flock *
There may be some who have never heard or used this Flock browser. With the use of the Flock browser, you can still move with your friend, especially in social media. There is easy when you use this browser that is for blogging and uploading photos.

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Show All Folders in One Screen with Application File Explorer Q-Dir

Q-dirYou may get bored with the look of Windows Explorer that exists today. Indeed, the appearance of Windows Explorer has undergone many changes, but still something was missing. You should open a window to open a folder, and to open other folders you have to open another window, again and again.

Now was present Q-Dir, the application file explorer with Quadro-View technique. File explorer app can display multiple folders at once in a single screen that can save you time and energy.

File Explorer are More Productive. When you download Q-Dir from the site developer, do not be fooled into thinking that this is an amateur application. Most of the applications offered by the developer is very simple. Start from stress testing tool on a PC, even a simple app that makes animation ants on your desktop.

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Know The Cause of Full Memory Hard Disk With Free Computer Software WizTree

softwareWizTree is work on the 32 and 64-bit Windows 2000, XP, Vista 7 and 8. As with any application that is now available, free computer software comes with a portable version. No need to install hardware, but they all come back to you again.

WizTree interface design is quite simple and not confusing or intimidating users with excessive arrangements. You can see it even before completing the scan; a local drive will be displayed.

This software can provide everything you need. It should be noted that the most important thing you should do before you start using this software is to select an NTFS drive first. You can do this on the box in the top left, just below the menu. Once you select an NTFS drive, click the Scan button, the software will begin analyzing your drive. In seconds, your hard drive has been fully analyzed and folders are hogging your drive will be listed in the order.

WizTree is a decent portable application you add to your collection of software. Indeed, this software has limited features, but the speed and effectiveness should be rewarded. Other applications with the same task run longer when compared with this application.

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