How to Write SEO Friendly Articles

How to SEO article writing is not as easy as one might imagine, there are two important things that must be mastered before starting to write that the knowledge about SEO and expertise in writing a quality article content. If you master these two things will certainly article is posted to a blog or website will be preferred search engines and visitors. Only in this way is believed to regard your site will slowly be able to sit in the best positions in search engines.

Not a few I have encountered articles that are made in-several blogs and websites do not pay attention to two things, as there is an article that only the concentration of search engine optimization SEO its course but in terms of the content / article content is difficult to understand in the added grammar and punctuation is not appropriate. This will impact visitors will not feel at home and immediately ran to the other sites. Consequently pageview rating was minimal so that search engines can consider these sites as sites that are not valuable.

Once I observed from some of the tips that have been widely discussed by the master SEO blog, then the number of ways that you can prepare and do when you write SEO friendly article and as one of the basic SEO techniques include:

Determining Keywords article

In determining the keywords, create keywords based on the customer’s perspective. Keywords that are more general in search of people but the competition in the search engine will be more difficult. Choosing keywords that are general or specific depends on your goal. Examples of common keywords are Muslim clothing, while specific: Muslim fashion men, for the more specific you can add brand products.

The title of the article are interesting and there Keywords

An interesting article title will be invited curious visitors to quickly read it and in terms of SEO make sure the title of the article had contained the targeted keywords.

Placement of keywords in the article

In addition to placement on the title of the article, scatter keywords in the content of your article. quite at the beginning of the paragraph, the middle and at the end of the paragraph. Make sure in the 150 words in the first paragraph of your article there have been targeted keywords. A good number of words in an article is over 400 words, the more the better.

Quality article content

The quality of the article content must be considered. Use standard language, a style that is easy to read and not boring, appropriate punctuation and also make the article informative and educative. Creating the actual content is not easy, because it takes experience, knowledge, new ideas that can be poured in the manufacture of the article and must comply with the rules of SEO. But you do not need to worry now widely circulated on the internet SEO article writing services.

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10 Ways to Improve Wi-Fi Performance at Home

Expletive ejected when the Wi-Fi (including the router) in the house suddenly slow. Just like the time get stuck in the middle of the road. Slow accommodate the needs of downloaded data. Yet again download or upload important files.

You must have felt the instability of the wireless network at home. Sometimes good, sometimes muddy. Edges complaint to the network provider, either fiber optic or cellular.

There are several things that can be done to optimize the performance of Wi-Fi at home, than just putting a Wi-Fi router so the higher up the wireless router to change the type of encryption used. Often we do not know the type or series even brands or Wi-Fi router that we use. Moreover, which is a package subscription to the network provider. This will make you trouble if it will perform up date has been released by the manufacturer of the device.

So what are the things that can be done to improve the performance of Wi-Fi? Eric McLaughlin, an Intel wireless experts share tips to you.

wifi at home

1. Location Router One

If the router is placed on the floor or under the table, you must immediately move to higher ground. For better performance, at least be 1.5 meters from the floor. If possible arrange the cord to keep it straight. Wi-Fi wave pattern is a circular outward. That is, the location determines the quality. So, if you want Wi-Fi can be enjoyed by more people in the various rooms, the exact position is in the middle. If the router is installed on the ceiling, Eric McLaughlin advised to make sure that the antenna is pointing down and to the different directions from each other.

2. Too Many Wireless Devices

Wireless devices (tablet or smartphone) requires more bandwidth than Wi-Fi router, meaning that the lower the transmission speed. Then more and more devices are connected (although sometimes claimed can be used up to five devices) resulted in bandwidth provided by your Internet Service Provider reach the top. This makes the required speed is inadequate. McLaughlin suggested replacing the router 802.11b / g / n to the new 802.11ac router. This will help increase the bandwidth and capacity of your network.

3. Check Home Furnishings

Every home furnishings (particularly large) is moved, there are effects that affect Wi-Fi waves originating from a Wi-Fi router. If there is a decrease in signal strength then the position of the router must be changed or furniture were moved again. “You can also re-directs to a laptop or other device,” said McLaughlin. “Studies show that even a small layout changes such as shifting a few meters to the left or right, up or down, can be bad or vice versa as many as 30 to 60 percent,” he continued.

4. Physical Barriers

Walls, doors, mirrors and other physical goods also can reflect the wireless signal from the router. Sometimes even we do not expect things can reduce the quality of Wi-Fi waves. It is not impossible mirror, a painting, or a book has the potential to block the signal. “Floor or ceiling also affect Wi-Fi,” McLaughlin said, “if you do not get a good range on your network, try moving the router either up or down and try again to find the most appropriate position.”

5. Competing with Other Devices

How many wireless devices you have at home. For example, the cordless home phones, microwave ovens, televisions, Bluetooth devices, baby monitors, etc., has the potential to affect Wi-Fi signal. Ideally, the router must be located away from these devices. “Keep out of the microwave, or a cordless telephone from a Wi-Fi router is able to improve its performance,” added McLaughlin.

6. Dead Zone

It may be that there are areas of the home that are not covered by the Wi-Fi coverage or so-called dead zone. This could be caused by the placement of furniture or where the Wi-Fi router is positioned. There is a way to eliminate a bad coverage area by using additional Wi-Fi router or Wi-Fi extender. Adding an antenna on your router will help reach out to the dead zone. McLaughlin recommends buying more than one router if the Wi-Fi connection is very important in your home. And every region affordable Wi-Fi network.

7. What is the Frequency?

There are two main frequencies for Wi-Fi signals, namely 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz. The old standard, 2.4 GHz is much more crowded, which means there are other devices that may overlap or share frequencies. This potentially could slow down the speed of connectivity. “Things you can do to increase Wi-Fi is move your connection to 5 GHz,” said McLaughlin. Some routers are equipped with two frequency options. There were automatically perform switching if one is full, or some are moved manually.

8. Device Already Tua

If the Wi-Fi routers often have to reboot or restart, it may be time to buy a new Wi-Fi router that supports new standards such as 802.11ac. Some Wi-Fi router has more than two antennas where more enabling increased capacity and higher speeds combine the potential to penetrate the 6.77 Gbit / sec.

9. The Home Network

Speed ​​can be stalled if the connection between the ISP modem (cable, DSL or fiber) imposed. Make sure that the modem and the router has a high speed in accordance with the rates you pay. Always check with the network speed Speed ​​Test application, etc. Also, make sure the modem supports the latest protocol, such as DOCSIS 3.0 for cable modems.

10. Update Firmware and Driver

Manufacturer Wi-Fi and routers often optimize and update the software on the Wi-Fi and a router. So always follow up to date features and fixes are released so that Wi-Fi is not behind the times and of course potentially faster.

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Download Google Play Store for Tablet

Google Play Store is the top place to get cool content, apps and entertainment for your Android tablet, with tons of games and millions of applications. So if you just opened your new (or new to you) Android tablet for the first time and discovered that it didn’t come with Play Store, you might be feeling a bit surprised and annoyed. Most Android tablets and other devices come with certain Google applications already installed, but there are a few situations where they might not. If you bought your tablet secondhand, it’s possible that the person who sold it to you rooted the device. Or, if you bought the tablet new but for a deep discount (probably from China), what you got is probably a clone device. In both of these cases, your tablet no longer has the official Google certification which lets it arrive to you with these standard Google apps installed (Play Store, Google search, Gmail, etc.).

Fortunately, there is a way to download Google Play Store for tablets, and it’s pretty simple to do. Once you have the Play Store app downloaded and installed, you can add all the other Google apps to your tablet, plus any other apps you want from the Play Store.

To begin, check your tablet’s security settings and make sure the box labeled “Unknown sources” is checked. Then, use the internet browser on your tablet to find the download link for the Play Store APK (the file that your Android OS will use to install Play Store). Open the download file, and follow the step by step instructions to complete the installation and set up you Google account.

That’s it! Now you have the Play Store app on your tablet, just enter here, and can start downloading games, applications, music and more safely through Google.

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What is Cloud Hosting? What are the Benefits?

Everyone has heard of the cloud, but not everyone is familiar with what it is or how it works. In simple terms, a cloud server is a collection of virtual servers that run on a cloud computing environment. This means that the cloud server has all software necessary to run, and are therefore software-independent.

What is Cloud Hosting?

Cloud hosting is an option for webmasters when looking for web hosting. It integrates the interlinkage of many VPS’s and often Cloud servers are also known as Virtual Dedicated Servers (VDS). Versus shared hosting which is unreliable or dedicated hosting which is expensive, cloud hosting is a great option for webmasters that need the most versatility with their server.

Cloud hosting is stable, secure and quick and cloud servers cannot attack or maliciously interact with one another. Hardware problems are a thing of the past, as the Cloud server contains all programs it needs to run and operates as a congregation of linked VPS environments.

Given the fact that cloud hosting offers greater security, access and stability, there are obvious benefits to hosting your sites through a cloud hosting plan.

What are the Benefits?

As mentioned, the cloud environment offers unique advantages over the competition. Some of these benefits include:

– The ability to change ALL server software however you want. Above and beyond access that VPS’s offer, Cloud servers allow you to modify the operating system kernel.

– An environment protected through isolation from software or hardware.

– Economically sound – cloud servers offer more resources and provide quicker uploads for your site audience.

– Scalability is good. Cloud servers can easily be scaled up in regards to many variables including memory and disk space. Adding specific upgrades or increasing capacity of your server is easiest when cloud hosting is used.

– Best stability / cost ratio of hosting plans on the market. Where any other kind of hosting relies on physical servers which suffer expected maintenance issues, cloud servers are isolated from hardware and software issues, making it a long-term, cost-effective solution.

Last but not least, it is important to mention that other cloud servers cannot hurt your cloud server, nor can your cloud server interfere with others. Similarly, if another cloud server gets overloaded by users, it will have absolutely no effect on your cloud server. All cloud server resources are dedicated, so stability and speed are guarantees.

Final Words

Cloud hosting is a web-based, software-integrated server solution that is not tied to one specific VPS: instead, many VPS’s are linked via the internet, and storage is assured on the cloud through static connection of many VPS’s. This protects the server from going down, because if a single server goes down, the interlinking nature of the cloud allows consistent availability of data.

Cloud servers have grown tremendously in popularity since their inception. Traditional dedicated servers are expensive to rent, while cloud servers are available that offer similar speed and bandwidth for a fraction of the cost.

Especially for those that have highly specific demands and who need the utmost in security, cloud hosting is ideal. For those that need better than VPS, cloud hosting is the mid-step between VPS and dedicated. What’s great, is that cloud hosting is consistently on par with speeds seen from dedicated host plans.

All in all, cloud hosting is a practical, effective, versatile hosting option that may be the perfect fit for webmasters who have had VPS hosting but who now need access to modify their OS kernel or for those that prefer being free of the potential crashes that physical hardware and centralised software can cause.

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Choosing A Web Based Storage Solution: Security Features

There’s undoubtedly there are quite a few factors to contemplate when selecting a cloud-storage solution. You must make sure that the storage space – and bandwidth restrictions – presented with the service program fits your needs properly. It’s also advisable to spend some time and compare offers to find the best online storage solution to utilize. The most important aspect to consider will have to be security.

Your files’ protection is not essentially unimportant, and only secure online storage solutions can ensure maximum safety all the time. There are always a number of protection functions you will get in the marketplace with every cloud-storage option, while sophisticated security features might just be around once you choose to use specific quality plans.

Proper security is one of many basic functions every secure storage solution should have. Your documents are protected and kept on the cloud storage machines and can simply be decrypted when you really need to get into them using the registered products.

SSL encryption, typically a 256-bit encryption, is another important security feature to look into. Using the SSL encryption inplace, the file storage alternative that is safe guarantees the protection of one’s files once they are increasingly being submitted or downloaded. All information communications between cloud-storage machines and the entry final are completely protected.

Should you intend on utilising the secure online storage solution collectively, user and access management are the functions you must look into. You are able to determine access privileges easily for maximum security. Every user might have their own individual folders and discuss just the desired documents atwill. Public sharing password and can be protected utilizing a username.

On keeping backup documents and important information around the cloud, those that plan must look for a secure online storage service program that includes preserving and automated backup development included in its attributes. The cloud computers are backed up periodically, in order to access the files you’ll need even when the principle storage servers are not up. These relatively simple characteristics certainly will greatly raise the security of the documents you shop online and are indeed very precious.

You are able to rest assured understanding that your critical files are appropriately secured with one of these security capabilities in position. You have usage of the records anytime and from anywhere without having to be concerned about loss or data theft of data with all the aid of the safe online storage solution.

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Don’t Miss Out Anything With Screen Capture Software


monitor4You need not waste your time trying to copy or paste images in an attempt to capture screen shots. As the brand new screen record software from Movavi, Screen Capture Softwarecan make it similar for you can also create your own demonstration videos or tutorial videos using this software. This Movavi tool offers you maximum frequency of 60 fpi.

While recording your favorite screens choosing the preferred codec adjust the setting of the audio to make your screen capture look professional and smooth you can also create a collection of online videos by recording your discoveries on social media platform impressive Webinars and exiting videos call. You have with friends and much more interesting stuff. If you love online games and have crossed the score record created by your friend, record your winning movements in full screen and high speed without any pixel loss and share it with your friends. If you have a flair for singing or playing a musical instruments share your talent to the world with Screen Capture Software by recording it in clear cut high quality sound or converts them in to an audio file.

This Screen Capture Software from Movavi helps you to record any video in full screen for your PC or ignore it while recording the video; you can also choose any frame with speed per second, use hotkeys etc. In short, you can transform a frame as a graphic file adjusted a click of a mouse.

The easy to use simple interface of this Movavi software prepares the screen accordingly and records any online video, games or other screens on your desktop in a jiffy.


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